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Jeanne’s work is mostly about experiences and experiencing, and the process of creating an image; a free exchange where the unconscious can react to what her consciousness is perceiving so that the image may emerge as it wants and needs to.

The images are about the process, the colours, the lines and the shapes that
emerge in front of me. They take on their own life and become another experience, sometimes reminiscent of the initial trigger, sometimes not.

She consciously tries not to control the process of image making but attempts at all times to remain as receptive as possible to what she sees, leaving all preconceptions behind and working without consequence.
Her work is mostly not of a figurative nature but should a recognisable form appear, it is because it wants to and not because she has dictated it to be there. It is also about the materials she uses, their properties and trying to respect them with all the integrity that she has.

Jeanne studied Fine Art from the early – mid 80s at Technikon Witwatersrand and at Michaelis School of Art at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. After setting forth into a career in advertising, the film industry, a two year stint as an art teacher and finally a journalist and publisher, she returned full time to her canvasses in 2001.  In 2012 she embarked on a South East Asian journey that lasted 3 years. It may not yet be over as she currently works from an island studio in the Philippines.

Jeanne Wassenaar | Artist